About us

Lowell and Julie Frederick Owners of Jamit!

jams jellies and conserves

Welcome to the home of Jamit! jams, jellies and conserves located in beautiful Kalispell, Montana.  My husband and I started making jams and jellies as a retirement project. But as with other areas of our lives, the project soon turned into a business.  I began making jams and jellies when I was old enough to pull the caps off strawberries helping my mother make batches using our homegrown produce.  I remember opening up jars of fresh fruit jams during the cold winter months and breathing in "summer in a jar".   My mother used old recipes handed down from other generations or those recipes she had created.  Jamit recipes were developed in much the same way.  Many old vintage jam recipes included Everclear liquor to preserve fruit.  Jamit's recipes took that idea a step further combining high-quality liqueurs and specialty spices with organic fruit and natural cane sugar.  The results were a decadent, rich, unique fruity flavor like no other jams or jellies.  We presently offer nine varieties of jams and this year, and a seasonal special; Happy Holidays Conserve.